WhatsApp Scam: 10 Tips to Protect our WhatsApp Account?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication platforms in the world. Two billion active users are available in this App. But, for the past few days, WhatsApp has been the target for cyber attackers on several levels. Whatsapp Scam is one of the major scams in this world nowadays.

One of the new scams in WhatsApp is the WhatsApp OTP scam.

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp OTP scam is a new tricky scam. According to many user reports, the hackers act like your friend and send text messages. The text message shows some emergency situation and asks the OTP which they have created and sent to you.

 Once you send the OTP to them, immediately your WhatsApp will be logged out from the smartphone and all your chat information will be hacked by the hackers. Whatsapp scam photos are one of the major issues. Everything connected with the Internet is at the risk.

How to protect yourself from WhatsApp OTP scam?

Don’t share the OTP with anyone. If the message came from your friend’s number, then enquire with them physically or remotely and then share. 

Use a password or biometric on your mobile phone. If possible, use a pin setting for WhatsApp exclusively. 

Implement Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on your WhatsApp. 

  • Click the rightmost three dots on your WhatsApp screen.
  • Go to Settings, then select Account option.
  • Click the Two-Step verification. It will be enabled.
  • Once it is enabled, it asks to enter a six digit pin.
  • Two times it asks you to enter the six digit pin, followed by your Email address.
  • Once you confirm the Email address, your two-Step verification will be activated.

Thus, you can improve security and avoid the WhatsApp OTP scam.

The next WhatsApp scam is the WhatsApp job scam.

What is WhatsApp job Scam?

WhatsApp Job Scam

For the past few days, people are facing this scam. Whatsapp fraudsters have increased a lot. You will receive a message intimating about certain job openings from which you could quickly earn money. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many have lost their jobs. Many are looking out for a new job or trying to earn from home instead of going out. Such people are the target for the cybercriminals and these are the people they flood with job scam messages primarily. 

Many such job offers come from foreign numbers and the gist of all these messages will be the same, while the format and wordings vary. 

In those messages, you may see a link to open the page of the job offer. When you click the link the zero-Day malware attacks your smartphone.

This text message is like SMS Phishing (Smishing). Smishing is a type of phishing in which somebody attempts to fool you into giving them your private data through a telephone call or SMS message. 

You will get a link, and when you click the link, it takes you to a phishing website. When you give the information on the phishing website, all your credentials will be captured. You will lose your identity. These are the fake news on Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Scam
Voice Mail Scam

Likewise in the WhatsApp job scam, you will get a link to apply for the job. When you click the link the zero-day malware will attack.

A zero-day attack (also referred to as Day Zero) is an attack that exploits a potentially serious software security weakness that the vendor or developer may be unaware of.

The software developer must rush to resolve the weakness as soon as it is discovered, in order to limit the threat to software users.

How to protect yourself from WhatsApp Job scam?

  1. Ignore the job opening message. Report the number as “Spam” and block that number.
  2. Don’t click the link attached with the messages. By mistake if you click the link, don’t give any information which it asks, especially personal data and financial information such as bank account number, ATM pin etc.,
  3. Neither be curious to open such messages, nor forward them to your friends.
  4. Install updated antivirus software on your device.

In short, avoid clicking any link from unknown sources.

What are the other dangerous WhatsApp Scams available? How to identify a fake Whatsapp number?

  1. Voice mail scam

You will get a voicemail. It may look like a voice message. But there will also be a button to click. You might be asked to click the button to hear the voice message. Once you click the button, it will take you into a doggy website that tries to install malicious software on your device.

  1. WhatsApp Gold Scam

This is a message that scammers post. The message may claim to provide you with a new upgraded version of WhatsApp, namely WhatsApp Gold. When you click the link given in the message to upgrade the version to WhatsApp Gold, you will be directed to a fake website and the malware there will infect your device. 

  1. Gift Vouchers Scam

It promises you a discount at a supermarket or retailer. In return, it may ask you to fill in a short survey. In fact, the link takes you into a hacker’s website, and when you give your information, it will directly lead you to scammers.

There are some signs available for identifying the fake Whatsapp number.

There is always a way out to avoid these scams. 

Common best practices to protect your WhatsApp Account

  1. Ensure that the chat message is End-to-End encrypted.
  2. Install updated antivirus software on your device.
  3. If you need privacy, disable the cloud backup option.
  4. Use two-factor authentication as discussed above.
  5. Avoid clicking any link which is received from unknown sources.
  6. Avoid disclosing any OTP to others.
  7. Refrain activating any WhatsApp Spy App.
  8. Block and report unknown numbers.
  9. Remember to log out of WhatsApp web.
  10. Always lock your phone with biometric and pin settings.
  11. Just ignore the messages claiming to provide gifts, free paycheck, offer, etc. Keep in mind that nothing in this world is free. All the freebee messages will have a hidden trick.

Generally, People may ask the following questions,

Is it true that Whatsapp is hacked? Does Whatsapp Keep Your Photos? and  How secure is Whatsapp?

For the above questions, the answer is, every App which is connected to the Internet is at risk. 

Every WhatsApp message is protected by the same Signal encryption protocol that secures messages before they leave your device. When you message a WhatsApp business account, your message is delivered securely to the destination chosen by the business.

They are the chance of being hacked. The secure level of all the Apps is to some extent only. 

So, everyone should be careful in using the Apps which are connected to the Internet. Especially teenagers should know the risks of sending pictures and chatting unhealthy information.

The answer for Is it true that Whatsapp is Hacked? The researchers are saying that Whatsapp messages can be altered. 

The hackers can’t only modify the messages, they are changing the identity of the sender too. That will be one of the more risk factors.

Does Whatsapp Keep Your Photos?

Yes, WhatsApp stores photos. Photos received through WhatsApp are primarily stored locally, on your smartphone. Upon sending photos, they’re temporarily stored on WhatsApp’s servers until all recipients have received them. Once all recipients have received the photo, it’s deleted from WhatsApp’s servers.

In Conclusion,

We have discussed recent WhatsApp scams, the common WhatsApp scams and the security measures to protect your WhatsApp account. We have also discussed the practical issues people are facing.

It is up to you to secure your WhatsApp account and have a happy chat!